Monthly Message from Our Minister


This time of year sees our harvest celebrations within the church. Corby have already had theirs and collected for Lakelands Hospice. Toller is on the 22nd Oct and Desborough is on 8th October and both these are doing collections for the Foodbank.

The traditional meaning of harvest has changed over the years, as we no longer are directly involved with the crops coming in from the fields, as our food now comes from supermarkets and is often wrapped and packed or processed before it lands on our tables.

So, what does it really mean to us today, in our modern, fast paced world? When I investigated it, I was quite surprised by the biblical meaning of harvest. In the bible and Old Testament specifically, it is focused on ‘God’s provision for us, and God’s blessing for others’ Maybe over the years our harvest celebrations have shifted to the later. How God bless others in our community? Harvest reminds us through our giving that we are the ones who work for God to be the hands of the Lord in the world, by showing the generosity of God through all we are able to give. So, this harvest, as you give to which ever charity it is, be reminded it is God’s blessing you are passing on through what ever small way you able.

Rev’d. Helen Wakefield-Carr