Monthly Message from Our Minister

June 2021

From the Manse

This weekend has seen the return of some glorious weather, and so we decided to take the boys out walking! We decided to do a circular route which took in a large chunk of the Althrop Estate.

But as always when we head out on a walk, we managed to encounter adventure. One field we were meant to walk across had its public right of way blocked. So, we had to find a detour which took us at least another three quarters of a mile. We then encountered a bull in a field we could not avoid, and after a brisk walk around the hedge row, we backed out very ungracefully over a gate onto another route. Plus, my eldest was so scared he grab the electric fence three times whilst in the bull field! Life is never boring when you walk with us.

But it did remind me how good I am at getting confused and lost. For many of us as we face changes with Covid 19, we are trying to find normality and work out what should or shouldn’t happen in church. We often can feel confused or lost as we seek what God is prompting us to do in these strange times. But Jesus said:

“I am the way and the truth and the life. No one comes to the Father except through me.” (John 14vs6)

Jesus is always there for us in our faith journeys. We should always look to him to be our guide. Maybe next time I encounter a bull, I should perhaps be a bit more careful and take a more trustworthy guide other than myself! I don’t think Jesus owned hiking boots, though his assistance may have helped today!!

Rev’d. Helen Wakefield-Carr