Monthly Message from Our Minister

JUNE 2020

From the Manse

As I sit in my office and look out the window, I have a picture that my son has coloured in which it says, “Stay home, Stay safe”. I have become very aware over the past 10 weeks of how the ways we greet each other and how we say goodbye has changed.

When signing off from emails, I would normally write either “God Bless”, “Take care” or “Thank you”. But in recent weeks that has change and I end up by saying “God Bless and Stay Safe”. During these strange times our language and etiquette has changed and altered. We have adapted to our new environment, and are conscious that things have changed and life carries more risks than it did before.

When we pray, we also greet God in ways and manners that are unusual to common everyday life. Yet during lockdown these have not changed. We still pray “Dear” or “O God” and then leave our prayers with “Amen”. Though our greetings and dismissals to God may not have changed, I feel the content of our prayers have. “Amen”, meaning “So be it”, has an emphasis for me now that it did not have before. I may request God’s help, but I know God has the bigger picture and is holding all of this in the love and care we have come to know from the Holy Spirit. Our God, “May your Kingdom come.” (Luke 11.2)

Rev’d. Helen Wakefield-Carr