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Monthly Message from Our Minister


Last week I had the privilege to engage with the URC at Greenbelt and they followed the theme of ‘More than Welcome’. So what does it mean to be more than welcome?

We can greet people; smile at them; speak pleasantries with them. But when we are serving Christ in the world is that enough? If some- one is more than welcome, surely we need to be taking those extra steps to achieve this.

To begin with I am sure it doesn’t mean that as we welcome people we should smother them. There is nothing more intimidating than entering a church for some quiet space and finding that no one leaves you alone. Too many questions can mean we look as though we a prying. Yet on the other hand, ignoring someone feels too much like we don’t care.

More than Welcome’, makes you stop and think about what we do as a church, not just with strangers but those we know too.

More, means nothing is too much trouble. More, means what-ever your needs we will do our best. More, means what- ever you bring we will accept as being yours and you!

More than welcome means we accept you just as you are. You don’t need to become like us. You don’t need to change to be with us. God made you as you are, and Christ loves you for you! That is what it means for us to really welcome someone; it means we accept them as Christ accepts them.