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Monthly Message from Our Minister

JUNE 2017

At both Toller Church and Desborough URC things are changing when it comes to how we engage with our young people. Both churches are very different, and yet both seem to have this small group of young people who are completely inspired, not by adults or individuals, but by God to continue to develop and explore more  about their faith. This statement applies not just to our older teenagers, but to very young folk as well.  

I have found it a joy and a delight to see the spirituality of these youngsters develop over the years. When you have a 6 year old who tells you that when she grows up she wants to be a minister, you know that God is moving in mysterious, yet powerful ways. 

At Toller we are beginning a Senior School age group, design for discussion and exploration about all things faith based. They will meet once a month and I am hoping they will come up with a name for themselves. At Desborough we are stepping forward to begin a children’s activity group exploring bible stories on a Sunday morning, and we have gone for the name ‘JaM’. When I encounter young  people in the community, so many parents tell me that their children are interest in God and ask lots of questions they can’t answer. My hope is that both of these groups will open up a space for these questions about God and the world in which we live can be explored.

So please hold both churches, their young people’s leaders, and young people in your prayers in the coming week. My hope is that we are fulfilling a small God shaped gap in this world for young people who wish to know God more, and want to show that love through their faith. No matter what their age!